14.07.2012 > 09.09.2012

Jag är en av utställarna på denna utställning i kategorin “Masters”, läs mer under länken nedanför.

I´m one of the exhibitors in this exhibition, in the category of “Masters”. Read more > follow the link further down.

What is Applied Arts ?

When creating bursts into daily life, when jewellery becomes message, when ceramics becomes poem, when design changes life, when the artists have a fresh look at everything of daily life, and create unique pieces through the “intelligence of the hand”, this is what Applied Arts means.

Objects and furniture design, textile design, contemporary ceramics, jewellery and silversmithing, glass, metalwork,… Come and discover the best of European Applied Arts, during summertime, at the Grand Hall of the “Abattoirs Abattoirs” of Mons (Belgium).

Seasoned designers and young talents, whose creations will be on show in the magnificent showcase of the Grand Hall, interact thanks to an exhibition design from entrusted to Evelyne Gilmont, a designer from Brussels teaching at the School of Plastic and Visual Arts of Mons.

Amongst the exhibits an international jury of experts will award, two prizes :
The Master Prize, which carries a money prize of €3,500, conferred on an artist over 35 years of age, author of a key work.
The Young Talent Prize, which carries a money prize of €3,000, conferred on a young artist aged 35 at most

The artists / Read more: http://www.wcc-bf.org/en/article/prix-européen-des-arts-appliqués-2012