Kom hem från London igår och hittade en artikel om mig i Ystads Allehanda, vår lokala tidning. Nu har jag gjort en pdf av artikeln så att alla kan läsa den. Så varsågod, följ PDF filen nedanför så hittar du artikeln.

When I returned from London I found an article about me and my work in our local newspaper. Because of my exhibition at Contemporary Ceramics Center in London and of course because I am shortlisted for the LOEWE Craft Prize 2018.
It´s difficult to translate the whole article but the content is me talking about the shape of my vessel as an archetypal form that we all recognize and remember in our unconsious minds. It´s a shape of simplicity, you don´t need to add anything to it and you don´t need to remove anything. It is enough in it self, a cylinder shaped vessel that we all know very well. That experience makes the vessel selfcontained, it is enough in it self and doesn´t need to be anymore then what it is, a Vessel that becomes a piece of unique art.

I see my self as a craft person. I like the everyday work of the craft that makes my vessels comes through as they are, similar but different. Each Vessel becomes a piece of unique art and each one need a character of their own to reach their own unique potential. It is my job to find that potential and to know when it is there.

You can see the article below in the PDF file.